First steps:

  • Find a Domain Verification Tool
  • Enter your desired domain name and run domain search
  • Choose the best available option
  • Complete domain registration
  • Verify your domain ownership

Now that you know how to choose the right domain name, you might be wondering how to buy one. The process is actually pretty simple, so let”s get started!

Step 1. Find a tool where you can check domains for availability

The path to buying a domain starts with checking it for availability. By the way, we have a great domain checker tool at Hostinger.

Domain Checker Tool on Hostinger

Step 2. Run a domain search

Now enter your desired domain name in the search bar and click “Check”. A domain checker tool, or domain checker, will give you a list of available options that you can register.

Domain check result on Hostinger

Step 3. Choose the best available option

Once you have found your domain, register it by clicking on the Add to Cart button.

Domains added to shopping cart

If you no longer plan to look for other options, you can continue the checkout procedure, where you can select a payment method and complete the purchase.

Payment page – select a payment method for a domain

Step 4. Complete domain registration

Once you are done with paying for the domain, you will be redirected to your control panel. Here you will find a form to complete your domain registration.

How to buy a domain – the final stage of registration

Make sure to fill in all the fields correctly, as they will be stored in the official domain owner database called WHOIS.

How to buy a domain – filling in the data to complete the process

After submitting your data, the domain registration will be processed and you will only have to complete one final step.

Step 5. Verify your domain ownership

The final step in this procedure is to confirm your ownership of the domain name using the email address you used when registering. The email usually arrives within a few minutes after the domain setup completes.

In case the letter has not arrived, you can request a resend from your control panel. We recommend not to delay, but to do it immediately, as waiting 15 days or more will lead to the fact that your registration will be suspended.

Message to PU in case of unsuccessful sending of the domain ownership confirmation letter

Congratulations! Now you know how to buy a domain and register it.

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