If you do not know the code, and you do not have a layout designer to whom you can constantly turn to to edit the code, you better make a website on WordPress, then you can easily edit text, photos and other blocks on each page in the admin panel without knowing the code.


An HTML site does not have an admin panel, so it works a fraction of a second faster, but it is inconvenient to edit it for someone who does not know the code, you need to know, in addition to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To create a landing page, if the business has an employee who can typeset the code, it is more convenient to make a website in HTML without an admin panel. Why is it more convenient? Because you can draw a design of any complexity and then instruct the layout designer to make up the site from the picture (be sure to have an adaptive site for different screens).

Then this website can be built up on WordPress, from the HTML site to make a theme for WordPress, but this is an extra cost in terms of money and time, so in order not to spend extra money, the landing pages are left on HTML and do not pull on WordPress. When you have your own layout designer at hand, you can entrust him with the tasks of editing the site.

The desire to pull HTML on WordPress appears among those who want to edit the site on their own in the future without knowing the code, and do not want to spend money on developers. Why do you want to do all the tasks in the project yourself? At the initial stage of starting a business, when there is little money, a young businessman tries to save money and not pay money, but learns to do all the tasks on his own. In fact, this is a delusion of the brain. no message is spent on a landing page, and then spent on buying on WordPress, there is another faster and more winning option. Ordering a landing page costs money (draw, layout, pull on WordPress), but you can go the other way, you can buy a ready-made theme for WordPress that looks like a landing page, and you will have to add your photos and text, this is much faster and more profitable than making a website on HTML and then order a stretch on WordPress. There are also free options for themes / plugins for WordPress with which you can make a landing page, thereby saving on layout and stretching.


What other reasons are there why people want to migrate their HTML site to WordPress? WordPress has an admin panel and a blog, you can write posts, create new pages, create headings for posts. If you need a blog, you need to write WordPress posts would be the best solution.

Quite often in business, they make HTML landings (for products) and also make a blog on WordPress. Landing pages are made for each new product, they create a page focused on the product, adjust to their target audience. As a result, a landing page is a masterpiece aimed at increasing orders and sales. And on the blog they write news posts, lessons, and so on. As a result, a business has a blog and five ten landing pages for each product.

Landing pages can be done using WordPress, but the pros do without WordPress using HTML + CSS + JavaScript (more precisely, they don”t do it, they order it). And for beginners who are starting their own business, WordPress is quite suitable, if you buy a paid theme, it has different blocks (the first screen, portfolio, reviews, answers to questions, a gallery) and from these blocks you can add a full-fledged beautiful landing page.

For those who do not know what a landing page is. Landing page – the landing page is aimed at selling one product or service, the content is placed on the page in such a way as to answer all questions and make you want to order. The goal of the landing page is to use the order statistics to increase the number of orders (increase the number of actions required).

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